Communications Skills Development


Key Objective:

To improve participants’ knowledge of the English language skills and develop fluency so as to be able to communicate with confidence in a range of work related situations and in a social environment.

Who will benefit:

Self-Employed, Employed, Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Institutions and Organizations.

Course Curriculum:

  • Vocabulary expansion and appropriate Language usage with emphasis on the correct application of tenses in communication.
  • Basic official correspondence including memos, letters and emails.
  • Dialogues and role play based on office / social situations.
  • Short Presentations on work related topics
  • Telephone etiquette and general interpersonal relations.
  • Everyday expressions for effective communication.
  • Improve Pronunciation – Speech Training exercises to develop articulate speech
  • Reading, comprehension and summarizing exercises based on topics within the scope and interest of participants.

Practical training sessions covering:

  • Self introduction
  • Introduction of your colleague or neighbour
  • Group discussion on selected topics & presentations
  • Regular Practice of Speech training exercises
  • Worksheets – Exercises on progressive writing skills development
  • Group Activities to harness fellowship through interpersonal communication.
Sessions Duration Could be arranged as a course for individuals or Groups at Intermediate / Advanced Levels
Course Evaluation Culminates with a One-day Workshop and presentations by individual participants and/or Team Leaders
Course Outcome At the end of the course participants would have learnt to communicate with understanding and clarity, using appropriate language to express Themselves effectively.