Confidence Building


Key Objective:

To train and develop participants to take charge of themselves , adapt to ongoing changes, achieve their objectives & to enjoy happy relationships.

Who will benefit:

Beginners, Students, Self-Employed, Employed, Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Institutions and Organizations.

Course Curriculum:

• Defining & understanding Confidence
• Preparing to build Confidence
• How to think, look, express, sound & behave confidently
• Calming your mind, overcoming nervousness & developing inner Confidence
• How to win over others through self confidence
• Overcoming Negative styles of Thinking

Practical training sessions covering:

• “Self –Talk” exercises to gear towards a positive mind-set
• Revealing self experience that boosted your confidence
• Group Fellowship Activities – Keep smiling & helping yourself by helping others

Sessions Duration One day workshop
Course Evaluation Culminates with day end presentations by Team Leaders
Course Outcome At the end of the workshop participants would be able to assess their level of confidence, identify arrears for improvement, be self motivated,be interactive & work towards achieving their objectives in life.