Diploma In Teaching Speech & Drama


Course Description

The course structure demonstrates versatility, flexibility and a high degree of skill in a range of performance disciplines, including appreciation of the texts authors and poets .

Who will benefit

Those who are planning to further develop Speech and Drama teaching skills and achieve professionalism.


Participants should have a high competence in Reading, Presenting and Conversational Skills. Participants will be assessed for eligibility to follow the course.

The course curriculum includes:

Development of good Voice and Speech
• Pausing
• Phrasing
• Emphasis
• Pitch, Pace and Power
• Relaxation & Posture
• Inflection & Modulation
• Resonance & Voice Production
Verse Forms
• Lyric
• Narrative
• Sonnet
• Dramatic Verse
• Ode / Elegy /Epic
Teaching Mime & Improvisation
Enhancing Performing Skills in Drama, Poetry and Reading
Importance of Dramatic Techniques for Performance
Introduction to the History of English Literature
Developing a Study Journal for Speech & Drama


Lecture demonstrations with supportive handouts and developing study journals for various levels of learners. Participants will be actively involved in the practice of speech and drama techniques within the classroom.


Classes will be conducted once a week, covering 30 hours of lecture demonstrations.


On completion of the programme, participants will be assessed for their practical and theoretical knowledge, including presentation of a study journal, and a Certification will be awarded by CELS.