Meetings & Discussions


Key Objective:

To train and develop participants to actively take part at Meetings & Discussions, improve their listening skills and to acknowledge & present / argue points of view in a constructive manner

Who will benefit:

Beginners, Students, adults, businessmen & professionals

Course Curriculum:

• Preparation of a Pre-planned Agenda • Importance of a balanced forum
• Good conduct at Meetings / Discussions • The right attire
• Importance of attentive listening • Opening a Meeting / Discussion
• Presenting the topic • Asking for opinions & suggestions
• Building up Arguments • Agreeing & Disagreeing
• Balancing Points of View • Summarizing & Conclusion
• Fixing the date for the next round of discussions
• Importance of taking down Minutes & Circulating same
• Follow up on decisions taken for implementation

Practical training sessions covering:

• Personal introduction at Meetings / Discussions
• Effective use of listening & communication skills
• Presenting an idea or proposal in a persuasive manner
• Role play of formal Meetings / Discussions

Sessions Duration Could be arranged to suit participants’ requirement and/or convenience – Individuals or Groups.
Course Evaluation Culminates with a one day workshop of a pre-planned Meeting & Discussion in a real life business situation.
Course Outcome At the end of the course participants would be able to arrange, attend and/ or represent at Meetings / Discussions with commitment, confidence & result orientation