Presentation Skills


Key Objective:

To train and develop participants for delivery of effective presentations. To be familiar in the use  of visual aids and other technical equipment to facilitate a successful Presentation.

Who will benefit:

Beginners, Students, Self-Employed, Employed, Professionals,
Entrepreneurs, Institutions and Organizations.

Course Curriculum:

• Basic Tips • Structure
• Body Language • Notes and Hand-outs
• Interaction • Speech – Improving pronunciation for refined speech
• Fine Tuning Delivery • Effective use of Audio Visual Aids
• Non verbal signals • Effective Speaking
• Speech content to suite target audience • Importance of the use of short notes
• Managing your speaking time • Minimizing anxiety

Presentation topics will include:

1) An appeal for a charitable project
2) A proposal
3) A marketing idea.


• Preparation & delivery of a presentation
• Student participation in activity based learning process
• Practical use of audio visual aids
• Application of Key skills for an effective presentation

Sessions Duration Could be arranged to suit participants’ requirement and/or convenience – Individuals or Groups.
Course Evaluation Culminates with a one day workshop.
Course Outcome At the end of the course participants would be in a better position to reach out to the people who matter with confidence and impact through an effective presentation.