Speech Training


Key Objective:

To improve pronunciation, develop meaningful voice variation acquire polished speech and speak English with fluency and confidence.

Who will benefit:

Beginners, Students, Self-Employed, Employed, Professionals,
Entrepreneurs, Institutions and Organizations.

Course Curriculum:

• Speech Sound
• Pronunciation
• Accent Training
• Variety of delivery
• Guidelines for eloquent speech


• Effective Reading aloud
• Speech training exercises for Polished speech
• Regular practice for good Phrasing & Pausing
• Style & Art of Delivery
• Recording of Speeches, Listening, correcting & improving

Sessions Duration Could be arranged to suit participants’ requirement and/or convenience – Individuals or Groups.
Course Evaluation Culminates with a one day workshop.
Course Outcome At the end of the course participants would have learnt the skills of speaking English with plausibility & eloquence