Training The Trainer For English Language Skills Development Among Adult Learners


Course Description

The course structure will enable participants to understand the approaches and methods of teaching and developing Language Skills among adult learners at various levels of achievement. The curriculum will effectively facilitate Teachers of English to conduct training sessions with confidence.

Who will benefit

Those who are planning to further develop their English Language teaching skills at a professional level to teach adult learners.


Participants should have a thorough knowledge of spoken and written English, so as to be able to converse with a sense of understanding and confidence. Participants will be assessed for eligibility to follow the course on a placement test.

The course curriculum includes:

Strategies for Developing Oral Communicative Skills
Vocabulary Expansion – an important aspect of language training
Effective approaches to acquire Language Fluency
Developing Speaking and Writing Skills for specific purposes
Practical methods to improve grammatical language usage
Introduction to Informal Talks / Presentations
Importance Dialogues and Role play based on real life situations
Improve Pronunciation through Speech Training Exercises
Developing suitable handouts for specific training programmes


CLT – Communicative Language Teaching approach pays attention to the needs and desires of participants which focuses on learning to communicate through interaction. Participants will receive relevant handouts.


Classes will be conducted once a week, covering 30 hours of lecture demonstrations, including practical training sessions.


On completion of the programme, participants will be assessed for their practical and theoretical knowledge of teaching competence, and a Certification will be awarded by CELS