About ZMS

Zulfika-MUsaferThe Zulfika Musafer School of English was started in the year 1977. Since its early days of providing English tuition for the children of the area, it has grown into a well establish school with a student base of about four hundred, where all aspects of language skills are developed. Students are trained and prepared for both local and foreign examinations in Spoken and Written English, Speech and Drama, Effective Communication and the allied subjects.Over the years, the school has maintained a consistent record of a high level of achievement at the graded examinations in the various subjects, consolidating its position with several Prize winners bringing credit to the school. This speaks for the dedicated, experienced and qualified members of the teaching staff attached to the school, who have all been Zulfika Musafer’s own students trained by her.

Apart from training young and intermediate learners, the ZM School of English provides an efficient and effective Teacher-Development service catering to the needs of those looking to be trained and professionally qualified as English Language teachers or teachers of Speech and Drama. These teacher training programmes include Certificate and Diploma Courses leading to recognized local and London examination qualifications. Several teachers who have followed these training programmes at the ZM School of English have qualified and are successfully engaged in their teaching careers in different parts of the country.The lending Library available for students is an asset to inculcate and nurture the habit of reading among young learners. The Language laboratory facility provides ample opportunity for effective listening and speaking skills development. The carefully planned out Workshops conducted regularly as part of a holiday programme creates the right atmosphere for active student participation and free interaction among participants. It was the vision of Zulfika Musafer to see her school grow into what it is today – where language learning is a pleasant experience for students and a place where it is taught in a meaningful and effective way by a staff of committed and efficient teachers.