Zulfika Musafer

Zulfika-MUsaferZulfika Musafer began her teaching career in 1975, training students for both local and foreign examinations in Spoken English, Speech, Drama and allied subjects. She has been conducting teacher-training programmes in the teaching of English as a Second or Foreign Language for the past fifteen years. She served as an Officer of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka from the age of eighteen. During the latter part of her banking career, she was appointed Instructress at the ‘Self Access Centre’ – the Language Laboratory of the Staff Training College of the bank.

Developing English Language skills among adult learners was a challenging opportunity and a rewarding one to her. This exposure to adult teaching brought about new dimensions in her teaching career.

She holds a Licentiate Diploma in the Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages and Associate Diploma in Speech and Drama from Trinity College London. She has several years of experience as an Examiner, and is at present the Director of Examinations of the Colombo Academy of Language Skills and Dramatic Art (CALSDA) which was founded by her and Ms. Varuni Jayasekara and has been Principal of her own school – for over thirty years.

Her areas of expertise include designing and conducting learner-centered, interactive language development courses for adults – catering to specific needs of individuals and organizations in the corporate sector, and also focusing on progressive ‘teacher-development’ activities and producing teacher support material.