Business Etiquette


Key Objective:

To train and develop participants on the importance of integrity, manners, personality, appearance, consideration & tact with a view to conforming to corporate & business etiquette.

Who will benefit:

Beginners, Students, Self-Employed, Employed, Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Institutions and Organizations.

Course Curriculum:

• IMPACT-Golden Rules of Business Etiquette
• Dealing with people face to face
• Handling Business meetings
• Handling Business correspondence.
• Business Telephone Etiquette
• Business Loyalty, Confidentiality & Compliance
• Handling stakeholders
• Handling complaints
• Business Culture
• Personal Branding to enhance Corporate Image

Practical training sessions covering:

• Grooming your personality
• Role play of a business Telephone conversation • Role play of a Business Meeting
• Exercises on Business written communication • Exercises on Business Presentations
• Exercises on Business ethics, courtesies & courteousness
• Group Activities – To motivate participants to be effective ambassadors for the Organization

Sessions Duration Two day workshop
Course Evaluation Culminates with presentations by Team Leaders
Course Outcome At the end of the workshop participants would have learnt the importance of business ethics & values & how they could depict a positive & disciplined image towards achieving business success