News Reading TV / Radio


Key Objective:

Train and develop participants to read news with understanding and clarity.
To be familiar in the practical use of visual aids and other technical equipment.

Who will benefit:

Beginners, students and adults who aspire for a part-time/full time career in news reading.

Course Curriculum:

• Effective Reading Aloud
• Building your voice
• Distance Reading Practice
• Elements of Preparation (pre-reading)
• News Reading Techniques
• Basic Radio Announcing

Practical training sessions covering :

• Hands on training with Audio/Visuals of personal Recordings
• Developing communication skills
• Practical exercises in voice training

For TV News reading

• Training on Personality and showmanship
• Verbal and non-verbal communication

Sessions Duration Could be arranged to suit participants’ requirement and/or convenience – Individuals or Groups
Course Evaluation Culminates with a one day workshop on pre-defined scripts for news reading and performance review.
Course Outcome On completion of the course participants would be able to reach out to the public with ease and confidence whilst making an impact through effective news reading.